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What is a Quinceañera?
A Quinceañera or Sweet 15 is a major milestone in a Hispanic girl's life. It signifies her entrance to womanhood and the acceptance of new responsibilities this brings. The history of the Quinceañera dates back to the 1500's, however the Quinceañera tradition is still popular in Mexico, the United States, South America, and many other Spanish speaking countries.
What is the Purpose of a Quinceañera?
This special celebration marks the beginning of womanhood. Tradition places new responsibilities on the young woman such as household duties, work, and family needs. While a great deal of attention is placed on the celebration, the main purpose of a Quinceañera is for the young woman to live a life of faith, good morals and principles, devotion to her community, and live a decent lifestyle.

Where does a Quinceañera take place?
A church mass or service is usually celebrated first. Then, the dinner and dance take place and can be held at the church hall, reception/banquet hall, or many other venues.




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